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Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for Dudes

What in the heck do you get for grandpa, dad,
or that special guy?

Whether they like to golf or fish,
enjoy watching sports on the weekends,
or just appreciate a good ol' fashioned dad joke,
we've got you covered 👌

Gone fishing -
catch you later 😂

Shop "Fishing Fly" HERE

What a sofishticated glass!

Shop "Catfish" HERE

You can tune a guitar,
but you can't tuna fish.

Unless, of course, you play bass.

Shop "Largemouth Bass" HERE

No trout about it! 

Shop "TroutHERE

We all agree, there's no de-bait -
from any angle, dad,
you're great! 🐟

Shop "Reel Cool DadHERE

If you can think of a betta pun,
be sure to drop us a line. 🎣

Shop "Reel Cool Husband" HERE

If you love silly fish puns,
let minnow!

Shop "Reel Cool GrandpaHERE

These fish puns
are Kraken me up!

Shop "Reel Cool Brother" HERE

[I'd tap that]

Shop "Hit That - Golf" HERE

Kiss my putt 🏌️

Shop "Golf Ball Bottom" HERE

Talk birdie to me! 

Shop "19th Hole - Golf Ball Bottom" HERE

Who's your caddy?

Shop "Rather Be Golfing" HERE

Who's ready to par-tee? 🙋

Shop "19th Hole Sign" HERE

I love baseball,
no ifs, ands, or bunts ⚾

Shop "Hit That Baseball" HERE

What a quail-ity glass!

Shop "Quail" HERE

Are you fawn'd of this glass? 🦌

Shop "Deer Silhouette" HERE

Merry Christ-moose!

Shop "Moose Silhouette" HERE

Waddle you do without this glass?

Shop "Duck Pond" HERE

Do you find this glass to be unbearably cute?

Shop "Bear Silhouette" HERE

No need for puns
This glass is majestic on its own 🙌

Shop "Majestic Mountains" HERE

I've got a fever & the only prescription
is more cabin  🏕️

Shop "Welcome to the Cabin" HERE

(and I cannot stress this enough)

Shop "Buck the Rules" HERE

What did the cowboy say at his second rodeo?
“This ain’t my first rodeo.”

Shop "First Rodeo" HERE

You don't like buffalo puns?
Bye, son.

Shop "Bison" HERE

I'm from Texas.
And moo?

Shop "Longhorn" HERE

I used to be a professional ski athlete.
It just went downhill from there ⛷️

Shop "Downhill From Here" HERE

With great powder
comes great responsibility ❄️️

Shop "Best Skier" HERE

'Tis the skiseason! 🎿

Shop "Double Black Diamond" HERE

To ski, or to après ski?
That is the question.

Shop "Apres Ski" HERE

If traveling was free,
You'd never see me again 🚐 

Shop "Advanture Awaits" HERE

Good morning, campers! ☀️

Shop "Happy Camper" HERE

Livin' free in my RV ⭐

Shop "RV Having Fun Yet" HERE

Have Ameri-Christmas! 🎄

Shop "Come & Take It" HERE

Why are there no knock-knock jokes about America?
Because freedom rings 🦅

Shop "Land of the Free" HERE

Did you hear the joke about the liberty bell?
It cracked me up. 🔔

Shop "Live Free or Die" HERE

Spillin' the tea since 1773 ☕ 

Shop the US Flag tumbler HERE

Free haw!

Shop "American Flag" HERE

If you have any bowling puns,
please spare me.

Shop "Bowling Is Up My Alley" HERE

Rock n' bowl, baby! 🤘

Shop "Split Happens" HERE

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